Searching/evaluating data and reading comprehension


An example of activitiy where students develop their digital skills (especially 1.1  Browsing, searching and filtering information and 1.2  Evaluating Information from the DigComp model)

Serching information on the web

On the following link,

answer the questions about searching the data on the web.



Reading comprehension activity

Find text about the place called DOG ISLAND (where hapilly live thousands of dogs) and check whether following statements are false, true or not in text.


  1. Dogs are sent to the Dog island because their owners don't want them any more.
  2. The description of your dog's personality is required before sending it to the island
  3. Injury and trauma recovery center for dogs is built on the island.
  4. Visitors are allowed to come to this island 3 times a week.

Evaluating internet resource

Evaluate the page DOG ISLAND following the selected criteria:

  • who is the author of the page (organisation, private person)
  • adress, telephone
  • date of the last page change
  • relevance (is the information useful ...)

Write your thoughts to this Padlet:



Find additional information about this topic here, here, here, here, here and here.

Setting goals and criteria

Create new My learning and name it Assessing internet resources.

In the section Setting goals copy this items:

  • I can critically assess internet resources
  • I can find primary sources
  • I recognize fake webpages and online frauds

and add your private goals if there are any.


Can we find criteria for those goals?

When we know that we reach the goal. What is prove that we reach it. What is the quality of our knowledge, skills or product?


Search images

Who is the owner of this litle house?


Reverse picture search - how to




New radars


New trash radars.


Some people already get penalty






Chain letters

8-month Mary is heavily ill. Please donate 8 EUR and forward this message to all your friends

Xoax baby.jpg


Check if this message is real.


Additional information here.

Missing person

Your friends on Facebook ask you to share photo of missing girl.

Xoax Amy.jpg


Check the authentication of the message.

Example of assessed/evaluated website Dog ISLAND.

Follow this link for an example of evaluating the reliability of the website Dog Island.

Sharing pages and peer feedback

Create new Page and publish there your My learning. New Page share with the group.


Give your peers feedback about their evaluation of internet resources.

When you give feedback be aware of criteria:

  • authority
  • objectivity
  • reliability
  • web domain (whois)



It is time to evaluate your work. In your Learning, in the section Self-evaluation explain the following:

  • What was my preknowledge about evaluating internet resources?
  • What was totaly new for me?
  • Which criteria for evaluating internet resources are most importan for me?
  • In which areas can be useful new knowledge of evaluating internet resouces?
  • How well I succeded to reach my goals?
  • What I am proud of?
  • What is stil unclear to me?

Activites prepared by

  • Nela Bejat Krajnc
  • Radovan Krajnc


Andrea Ghoneim
06 May 2016, 1:14 PM

Another great teaching portfolio page, dear Radovan! I guess we're going to work with it in Ljubljana?!

Tanja Rupnik Vec
12 May 2016, 3:11 PM

I agrere. Very very nice workshop!

Virginija Navickienė
12 May 2016, 3:16 PM

Thank you, dear Radovan.

Sarantos Oikonomidis
12 May 2016, 3:33 PM

Good job. Thank you Radovan!