Collection: ATS2020: Technology and Tools for Assessment of Transversal Skills

ATS2020: D. 2.3: Tools Development

Tags: eis - exam infosystem, ATS2020, ePortfolio, platforms, Mahara, Office 365, EIS testing system

Tools Development for ATS2020 had two main focuses:

1. to develop platforms and tools to suit the ATS2020 pilot (the pilot bases on Mahara and MS Office 365/OneNote Class Notebook). Assessment Style: Assessment for Learning.

2. to develop a platform/tool for the pilot evaluation (this evaluation is done with the help of EIS testing system). Assessment Style: Assessment of Learning

This Mahara view aims at giving an overview of the activities in and on the platforms and tools developed/adapted for the assessment of transversal skills and their implementation. As we used 3 main platforms (see below), the deliverable 2.3 was split into 3 parts, each one devoted to one of the platforms used for ATS2020.

Platforms and Tools for ATS2020

The ATS2020 learning platforms are set up on


Both platforms can be combined or used as stand-alone platforms.

The ATS2020 pilot evaluation platform is based on the Estonian testing system EIS.

Access to the platforms is restricted to partners, teachers and students of the ATS2020 project (exception: the Mahara pages which are shared with the WWW - like this one).

Structure of D. 2.3

This Deliverable consists of 3 parts:
D.2.3.1: Implementation plan of Learning Platform using Office 365;
D.2.3.2: Implementation of the ePortfolio Platform Mahara;
D.2.3.3: Adaptation and Implementation of EIS

Authors: Nicolas Kanaris, Haris Zacharatos, Anastasia Economou (CPI); Andrea Ghoneim, Isabell Grundschober, Gregor Pirker (DUK); Anne-Mai Saar, Hele Lukki-Lukin (Innove)

Contributors: Oliver Zofic (Microsoft), Gregor Anzelj (POVSOD), Reet Taimsoo (Innove), Mitja Čepič Vogrinčič (ERI), John Hurley (H2 Learning)

D.2.3.1: Implementation plan of Learning Platform using Office 365

ATS2020 Office 365 Portal

The landing page of the ATS2020 Office 365 portal. Maintainance and development led by Nicolas Kanaris (CPI)

Platforms in Use for the ATS2020 Pilot

D.2.3.2: Implementation of the ePortfolio Platform Mahara

Mahara, ePortfolios, and Learning Analytics

New Look & Feel and Features in Mahara 17.04

To show you some new user experiences Mahara 17.04 has to offer, a presentation was added to the page "ATS2020 User Support - Guides for Tools". Most important: a new, app-style menu and a new overview over your ePortfolio pages. Of course, we are not the only ones offering an insight into new features of the upgrade. Here is a video of Mahara-frontwoman Kristina Hoeppner (from Catalyst, NZ) with the News.

Mahara II

The login page of this Mahara /

Mahara II

After working with the institution ATS2020trainer on "Mahara I" until March, 2016, an entriely new and updated Mahara was set up for the ATS2020 partners and trainers: (Mahara version 15.10.1). The most important groups and activities, such as the Working Activities of the trainers' workshop in Krems (Nov. 2015) were rebuilt and adapted.

Further adaptations will comprise translations of parts of the Mahara user interface to languages of the partners who are going to work with Mahara, a new dashboard for Mahara in order to allow better overview for teachers and learners and single sign-on options for the use of Mahara with Office 365 and Moodle.


The new dashboard for Mahara

The old dashboard of Mahara and a mockup of a new Dashboard which was developed by Gregor Anzelj for ATS2020

Mahara 17.04 and ATS2020

There is programming made for ATS2020 in the Code of Mahara 17.04. Mahara did not only reward us with better functionalities, but also with this Thank-You-Card :-)

Mahara I

The first Mahara environment was set up as an Institution of, basing on Mahara 1.9.2. The environment (an institution offers almost the same look and feel as setting up an entirely new Mahara site) was created in October 2015 in order to have a platform for the trainers' workshop in connection to the ATS2020 partner meeting in Krems (November 2015). The trainers were able to comment on functionalities via a Trainer Online Forum in order to see, whether the platform is acceptable for the ATS2020 pilot and the trainers and teachers involved and in order to single out development needs.

Mahara I

The landing page of the first Mahara, set up as an institution of

D.2.3.3: Adaptation and Implementation of EIS

EIS for ATS2020

The EIS testing platform is provided by Innove, the Estonian partner of ATS2020. It was developed on basis of functional requirements for the pre- and post-test for the quantitative pilot evaluation ATS2020. An internal page (accessible only for ATS2020 partners) collects administration guidelines and a range of introduction material provided by key partners of WP2 (tools development) and WP5 (pilot evaluation). If you are not registered on Mahara,but a partner of ATS2020 and want to have access to the page, please use the secret URL provided on Sharepoint (-> finalized Documents -> D.5.1 B).

EIS for ATS2020

The login page of EIS for ATS2020, developed by INNOVE (Estonia), on basis of requirements specified by ERI (Slovenia)

Funding and Disclaimer

The ATS2020 project is funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.