Collection: ATS2020: Technology and Tools for Assessment of Transversal Skills

ATS2020 D 2.2: Tools and Affordances for Student-Centered Learning and Assessment

Tags: summative assessment, formative assessment, educational rechnology, ATS2020, assessment, feedback, evaluation

Authors of Deliverable 2.2 as can be downloaded below: Andrea Ghoneim, Bernhard Ertl &Tina Gruber-Mücke (DUK)

Contributors: Jarmo Viteli & Heikki Sairanen (UTA), Reet Taimsoo (Innove), John Hurley (H2 Learning), Anastasia Economou & Nicolas Kanaris (CPI)

This ePortfolio view...

... contains the most important insights from D. 2.2 (Technology and Tools for student-centered learning and assessment). Given the vast amount of available Technology and Tools, the deliverable itself remained work in progress until the end of the ATS2020 project. To help partners taking part in the process of D.2.2, this ePortfolio page exists since April 2016, there is also a blog on ATS2020 technology, tools and assessment-related resources.

Deliverable 2.2: Describe Tools and Affordances of Student-Centered Assessment

The ATS2020 Assessment Process

A presentation of Anastasia Economou on the ATS2020 Assessment Process, held at the ATS2020 Online Partner Meeting on May 5, 2016, can be found here (for logged-in ATS2020-Mahara users, embedded into a page of the group ATS2020 - Community of Practice).

Tools for the ATS2020 assessment process

The tools for the ATS2020 assessment process and the underlying ATS2020 framework of Skills are displayed and contextualized with Working Activity (WA) 3 of the Trainers'Workshop. Please go through the activity to get ready for transforming your Learning Design to a Scaffolding Tool for Assessment.

Guides for the main ATS2020 platforms (Mahara and Office 365/OneNote Class Notebook) are available as part of this collection. Watch out especially for the guide on "Assessment with Mahara".




This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Tools & Tech workshop at the ATS2020 Final Conference

At the ATS2020 Final Conference on 2 February 2018 in Brussels, Nicolas Kanaris and Andrea Ghoneim held a workshop entitled "ePortfolios: Pedagogical Contexts and Choosing an ePortfolio Platform". The workshop was announced in the Conference Programme as follows:

Facilitators:  Andrea Ghoneim, Danube University (Austria) & Nicolas Kanaris, Cyprus Pedagogical Institute (Cyprus)

Overview:  Research in a variety of contexts supports the pedagogical potential of ePortfolios. This is supported through the ATS2020 Learning Model and this workshop will focus on two potential ePortfolio platforms Mahara and Office 365/OneNote Class Notebook which were used by schools in the ATS2020 pilot implementation.

Aims:  Participants will reflect on the potential of ePortfolios and discuss how to choose and create an ePortfolio platform as a learning companion, a platform for collaboration and a space for students to document and share their learning and learning.

Suggested Audience: Policy makers, Principals, Teachers, School Inspectors, Students

Our input and working material for the workshop can be found below.

Workshop (Nicolas Kanaris & Andrea Ghoneim) 2 February 2018: Slides & worksheet

This Mahara page before its relaunch

Further ATS2020 resources

Most of the resources displayed in the old ePortfolio view of ATS2020 D.2.2 are available via the ATS2020 resources portal, namely at

Information about the project „ATS2020. Assessment of Transversal Skills“ can also be found via the project website at