ATS2020 - Work with "MyLearning"

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Work with the Mahara Plugin "MyLearning" for the project ATS2020 (Assessment of Transversal Skills)

Cover Letter

Dear trainers, dear learners (including myself),

here is a page about working with the Mahara Plugin "MyLearning". I hope it helps for your trainings and I hope you enjoy working with Mahara.

If you want to know more, please continue with the presentation on "Assessment with Mahara".

If you still have questions, please post them as a comment at the bottom of this page, use the Community of Practice, or send E-Mail to


MyLearning in Mahara 15.10


About "MyLearning"

MyLearning is a Mahara plugin providing Templates which can be filled with contents in order to plan and evaluate learning

The “MyLearning” plugin was developed within the Project EUfolio. EU classroom ePortfolios by Gregor Anželj (Slovenia). A publication and reports giving more insight into the process of learning with the help of this plugin are in preparation (by the Slovenian project partners).

Short reports, video guide and a Workshop Activity for "MyLearning":


"MyLearning" in School Practice

The following Open-Access article shows work with Mahara and "MyLearning" in a Slovenian classroom (special thanks to Petra Mikeln, the teacher of the class!):

Andrea Ghoneim & Bernhard Ertl: Implementation of ePortfolios in Lower Secondary Schools. Experiences in the framework of the project EUfolio. EU classroom ePortfolios with a focus on teacher training. In: Reflecting Education (http://www.reflectingeducation.netVol 10, No 1 (2016).


Embed your "Learning" into your Mahara view

by creating a view connected with the learning plans.

Add the learning by selecting "General" (on the side navigation in the editing mode of the page), click "Learning" - then you can choose among the Learning "tabs" you have already filled.

You can use this Mahara page to collect your learning evidence as planned in the "Learning", as well :-)

The block below is a "MyLearning" artefact, with an example of "MyLearning"...



digital competences

imagining being a 1st grade student of lower secondary (10 years old). How would I structure my learning without much support of frameworks and a teacher... [as MyLearning also allows attachments, I could attach here and in all Stages of My Learning, like "1 Vorwissen" a framework handed out to me, a questionnaire which I filled etc.]

Prior knowledge

I read a book about dogs. It is "Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know" by Alexandra Horowitz. It was a birthday present :-) 

I found more information about this book on the web at

The web page recommends more books :-D

After I saw the questionnaire of my teacher, I understood that there are so many skills I have to gain in order to find good, valuable information. The questionnaire is attached, and it shows what I can do already and what I want to learn.

My teacher said, she will help us to learn how to evaluate information. I am looking forward to that!

Goals and criteria of success

I want to find good information about dogs on the web and I want to collect it and share it with other dog lovers.

-> what is "good information"?

-> how to collect information

-> how to share it with other people

I have to find out more about this and then I'll go back here to set my criteria of success :-)


  • I have to train media competence in order to know "What is good information"
  • I will evaluate web portals with an evaluation sheet
  • I can collect information with tools on the web, in a social media space or somewhere else online
  • Then, I can easily find a way to share it (at least, I hope so)


My teacher says, I can collect all the evidence in my ePortfolio, but she will help us and show us how it could be done.

I can also use this ePortfolio to share my information with othres :-)