Welcome to the ATS2020 online training activities!

ATS2020 - Assessment of Transversal Skills


Welcome to the ATS2020 online training activities!

This group is created to host online training activities for the ATS 2020 learning model. 

This course aims to introduce you to the ATS2020 learning and assessment model and its basic elements, through a number of interactive, reflective and hands-on activities and tasks.   It is expected that by the end of the course you will gain an understanding of both the approach and basic elements of the ATS2020 model and how they are applied in everyday teaching and learning. During the course you are expected to take up the role of students, as well as teachers, so as to experience the learning model in action.

The training activities are designed as follows:

  • Preparatory activity
  • WA: My Learning Activity
  • WA1: Introduction and discussion on ePortfolios
  • WA2: Trainers as students
  • WA3: Transversal skills for the 21st century and Visualised Learning Design approach
  • WA4: ATS2020 Learning Environments
  • WA5: ATS2020 Assessment tools - Assessment of, for and as learning 
  • WA6: Trainers as teachers
  • WA7: Trainers as trainers!

Your reflection and feedback is valuable, so take sometime to share with the completion of each activity.

Please note that in order to be able to complete all the tasks of the activities, you need to request a membership for the group (it's easy to do by clicking on "register" in the opening page).

Below you can find instructions regarding the activities  .

  • You can find instructions in the group's Collections
  • You can discuss the activities in the group's Forums
  • You can find training material and educational resources on the ATS2020 resource portal 
  • You can find training material regarding EUfolio project by clicking here
  • You can find material being used for these activities in the group's Files

Make sure that you have access to the ATS2020 Training Booklet to guide you through the activities.  You can find it by clicking here.

You can also use the ATS2020 toolkit, which you can find it by clicking here.  

You can now start by clicking on each one of the activities in the Group Pages below.