WA6: Trainers as teachers

Through this activity, we want you to go through the process of designing learning activities that integrate ePortfolio features and the development/assessment of 21st century skills.

1. Activity: Trainers as teachers

We suggest following the steps below in order to design activities.

1. Please arrange yourselves into groups of 4-5 people

2. Agree on a common subject (i.e. Arts, Language learning, Mathematics, Chemistry etc) for your Learning Design Activities

3. Think of 2 or 3 transversal skills that you would like to involve in your activities

4. Use this the Learning Design Template attached below in order to map your activities

5. Upload your Learning Design in the Files

6. When all Learning Designs are uploaded please provide your feedback under each Learning Design


2. Feedback

When you are done with this activity, please provide your feedback by adding your comments below.