WA3: Transversal skills for the 21st century and Visualised Learning Design approach

Through this activity, we will discuss the 21st century skills involved in the specific learning activities that you went through and discuss a complete predesigned ePortfolio learning design (with emphasis on 21st century skills) that includes the activities you just went through. The CPI’s learning design approach will also be introduced to you.

1. Reflection activity

When we designed the Impressionism Characteristics activities we had certain 21st century skills in mind.

Using the A3 table you have in front of you, please discuss in groups in order to try to identify the transversal skills for the 21st century that were involved in these activities and also link them to the ePortfolio (Mahara) features. 

If your group prefers using the electronic version of the A3 table, the .docx file is attached below. Please save the file and upload it in the Files


2. Learning Design

A Learning Design template has been developed in order to assist the design of learning designs for the ATS2020. This template has been evolved from previous projects (such as Design-Practice: Visualized Learning Design and EUfolio) that the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute participated in and it aims to map several components consisting a learning design in one place. 

The learning activities that you have just went through as students, are part of a complete Learning Design. The LD followed the 3-level design approach Macro- Meso- and Micro- level.

The Complete learning design on Impressionism is attached below.


3. going through the Learning Design process - Macro level

1. Please download the Impressionism Macro level design (attached below) and discuss it with your group.

2. Once you discussed the Impressionism Macro level design, decide on a unit within your group and, using the Macro level template attached below, start the learning design process for that unit. 


4. LD - Micro level

1. Please download the Impressionism Micro level design (attached below) and discuss it with your group.

2.  Choose one of the activities from your own group macro level LD which aims at the development and assessment of a targeted Competence area.  Design this activity using the  Micro level template attached.


5. Transforming LDs into scaffolding tools for assessment

Step 1:  Choose one task from the LD Impressionism (task 3.1)
Step 2:  Create a rubric to measure the skills targeted in this task (based on the ATS2020 framework)
Step 3:  Upload your Rubric at the files section under RUBRICS
You will need
  • A3 handouts of ATS2020 framework every two people (Information literacy and Autonomous learning)
  • LD Impressionism 



6. Learning Design Pool


6. Feedback

When you are done with this activity, please provide your feedback by adding your comments below.