WA1: Introduction and discussion on ePortfolios

Through this activity, we will sum-up the issues that you have discussed in the pre-workshop Forums and discuss the common features of ePortfolio. You will also be introduced to the 21st century skills.

1. ePortfolio common features and transversal skills for the 21st century

Going through the 3 examples of ePortfolio implementations in Secondary Education, you have already addressed several questions in the Community's pre-activity Forum .

In this activity we will have a face-to-face discussion in order to sum-up the online discussion, address other issues and make sure that we all share a common understanding on ePortfolio approach, Assessment for learning, transversal skills for the 21st century.

The discussion will go on as follows:

  1. Assessment and ePortfolio
  2. Brief presentation of the existing work on ePortfolios
  3. ePortfolio examples' common features, affordances and issues
  4. Transversal skills for the 21st century



2. The Irish example of Transversal Skills

A Framework for Junior Cycle (Ireland, NCCA 2015)


3. Which of the following is an ePortfolio?

You will review 5 examples of work and decide whether they are ePortfolios or not. See the Attachment for previews of the examles, links and instructions.


4. ePortfolio definition (eufolio)

ePortfolios are student-owned dynamic digital workspaces wherein students can capture their learning and their ideas, access their collections of work, reflect on their learning, share it, set goals, seek feedback and showcase their learning and achievements

5. Feedback

When you are done with this activity, please provide your feedback by adding your comments below.