WA: My Learning Activity

1. My Learning Activity

1. Please go to My Learning tab. You can click on the direct link on My Learning OR in the future, you may find it by clicking on Content main tab --> Learning.

2. In the Section box write: My ATS2020 Learning (like the image below).

3. Then click on the Learning Stages tab in order to fill in the content.

(A good practice is to enter the date and time of your entries so as to be able to see the progress of your Learning cycle)

4.  IMPORTANT:  You need to SAVE LEARNING in order to keep your entries/changes 


Image of MyLearning


2. My learning activity on HTML

You can go through a My Learning cycle on HTML as an example for using My Learning as a tool in ATS2020

HTML My Learning Cycle

You can find a presentation on this activity attached below for your reference and use 


3. Feedback

When you are done with this activity, please provide your feedback by adding your comments below.



Andrea Ghoneim
05 April 2016, 12:59 PM

Here is another page about working with "MyLearning": http://mahara.ats2020.eu/view/view.php?id=179

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