Preparatory activity

This page is devoded to the preparation for the two-day workshop, held in Austria (12th-13rd of November 2015). The aim of this page is to provide the necessary instructions for the workshop.


1. Pre-Activity Forum

Visit the Pre-Workshop Activity 1 Forum and write your comments regarding the three topics of discussion:

1. Expectations of the Two Day Workshop

2. What is an ePortfolio for you?

3. Expectations of your involvement in this project


2. Read the examples of ePortfolio implementation

Before the workshop, we would like to ask you to do some preparatory work by going through at least 3 examples of ePortfolio implementations that were implemented during EUfolio project. While reading the examples, please try to address the following questions, that you will later need to discuss in the Two Day Workshop's Forum:

  1. Which example was more interesting for you? Why?
  2. Have you identified some common features of ePortfolio implementation whilst going through the examples? If yes, which?
  3. What are your thoughts about these examples? (design/implementation/activities)
  4. What's missing from these implementations? What would you suggest?
  5. What transversal skills for the 21st century have you identified in the examples?

The examples of the ePortfolio implementations can be found in the EUfolio project's exemplar ePortfolio repository. You may choose any 3 examples from the repository.


3. Post your thoughts in the Forums

Once you have finished reading the examples, please visit the Pre-Workshop Activity 2 Forum that was created for the pre-workshop activity and post your thoughts. Please write your thoughts for the specific exemplars you have chosen by clicking the respective topic name (i.e. "exemplar ePortfolio 1", "exemplar ePortfolio 2",  "exemplar ePortfolio 3", "exemplar ePortfolio 4" and so on), as they are presented in the EUfolio repository.



4. Feedback

When you are done with this activity, please provide your feedback by adding your comments below.