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ATS2020: First Classroom Experiences!

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Between March 13 and 15 the ATS2020 "Assessment of Transversal Skills" Meeting took place in Zagreb. During the project time a student-centred learning model, based on the ePortfolio approach, was elaborated. It aims at supporting the development and assessment of transversal skills in k12-schools in Europe, fostering autonomous learning, information competency, collaboration and communication, as well as creativity and innovation.

CARnet, the Croatian Academic and Research Network, hosted the meeting in Zagreb and experiences from implementing the ATS2020 learning model in 10 EU countries were shared and discussed. Furthermore, also possibilities for using learning analytics in ATS2020 were explored. Also evaluation of the project impact, dissemination, quality assurance and exploitation of the project outcomes were discussed. Find the Best-of collection of the meeting tweets at ATS2020 in Zagreb: Our Twitter Story.

All in all, 12 349 students are engaged in the pilot implementation in the following countries: Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Galicia, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania and Slovenia!

Classroom Experiences

A main aspect of the ATS2020 meeting in Zagreb was exchanging experiences in the classroom. At the moment, teachers all over Europe are testing the ATS2020 learning model an apply an ePortfolio approach with Mahara or OneNote!

Most teachers found the learning model very useful and examples for didactical scenarios and student ePortfolios can be accessed online at the ATS2020 Online ResourcesNevertheless, also obstacles were identified, like a lack of IT infrastructure and internet access and difficulties with shifting from traditional to learner-centred education. If you want to know more about the classroom experiences in different countries, check out our twitter-story #ATS2020 Piloting!

The ATS2020-Team also visited a school in Croatia and saw firsthand how the learning model is implemented through using OneNote/Office 365 in class. The topics was music instruments. They did research at home and collaborated as well as cooperated together to set up a presentation. In class they presented their outcomes and we were really impressed by their English skills! :)

More info, pictures and links can you find in my blogpost ATS2020 in Zagreb: Classroom Experiences!

Mahara @School in Spain

Mahara @School in Belgium

Mahara @School in Estonia

Learning Analytics for ATS2020

Another focus of the ATS2020 meeting in Zagreb was to explore possibilities for learning analytics in the project implementation. The project team had a workshop on learning analytics with Riina Vuorikari, researcher and part of the Information Society Unit of the European Commission’s in-house science service JRC-IPTS. She presented the report on Research Evidence on the Use of Learning Analytics.

Riina underlined, that at the moment learning analytics is supplier-driven. To develop a useful learning analytics application for education, it is necessary to consider also the demand of teachers and learners. Riina presented what kind of learning analytics solutions are applied in education in the EU at the moment. If you want to know more, check out my blogpost ATS2020 in Zagreb: Learning Analytics @School!

During the workshop, Andrea Ghoneim presented possibilities for learning analytics in Mahara.

At the moment also the Mahara Community works on a solution for learning analytics. At the start of 2017, the Advanced Analytics in Mahara-Project asked the Mahara Community which type of learning analytics could be useful for students, lecturers and administrators. Find here the main outcomes, including tracking interactions between learners, degree of usage, tagging and type of use! 

Discussing Learning Analytics in Zagreb

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Learning Analytics for Mahara


The ATS2020 project is funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

ATS2020 Learning Model

The ATS2020 learning model focusses on formative assessment, which is shaped by feedback by peers/teachers and self-reflection/self-assessment! At the start learning outcomes are discussed and settled and students learn step-by-step how to pursue their own learning pathways in order to reach their learning goals! For working on the ATS2020 learning cycle we use Mahara and One Note/Office 365!

ATS2020 @School

ATS2020 Resources Portal

At the ATS2020 Resources Portal you can find a literature review, learning designs, scaffolding tools, guides for tools and more!

At the ATS2020 Resources Portal at you can find a literature review, learning designs, scaffolding tools, guides for tools and more!

Mahara @School in Cyprus

Also in Cyprus Mahara is used in class. Examples of student portfolios in Mahara were presented by Anastasia Economou.

Learning Analytics for Mahara

Andrea Ghoneim from Danube University Krems presented possibilities for learning analytics in Mahara - always considering the main aims of learning with ePortfolios!

Learning Analytics and Mahara - Presentation Slides

ATS2020 Team in sunny Zagreb



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