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Group for training ePortfolio work on the basis of an activity around the topic "impressionism".

Impressionism Activity: Teachers as Students

Task 1 - Search and collect Impressionism paintings online

  1. Go to the Files of this group and click on the Impressionist Artists folder. There, you will find famous impressionist artists' names.
  2. Open an internet browser and search for paintings (image search / google search / wikipedia search etc) of those impressionists. Save the images on your desktop using the name of the painting and the artist (i.e. Monet_Impression_Sunrise) and then upload the paintings in the appropriate folder in the Files. (You may create additional folders if you want to upload paintings of other impressionists)

Note: Make sure that the painting you want to upload is not already uploaded by someone else. Be careful not to upload the same pictures twice.

Task 2 - Identifying Impressionism characteristics

Now that we have gathered the impressionist artists' paintings, we need to go through their characteristics. (Please arrange yourselves into three Groups). In this activity you will create a page where you will list the characteristics that your group has identified.   

  1. As a group choose one painting from each artist. To do so: ONE of you will need to visit your Group's page and click on Edit page (top right corner of the screen). Then Click on the "configuration" icon of the Group Chosen paintings (next to the X button - right side). Then click on the Files (pictures) you have chosen and then click save. Lastly, click "Done" (bottom of the page) 
  2. Now, all group members enter your Groups' Discussion Forum. In the Forum each one of you start posting the characteristics that you have identified as common characteristics/techniques regarding the chosen paintings (that you can find in your Group's page). Please refer to: paintining techniques, colours and painting theme.
  3. Once you have discussed the characteristics, please one of you visit your Groups' page again, click "edit this page" (top right corner) and then click on the "configuration" icon for Group's Impressionism characteristics (it should be under the images you have previously uploaded). Then copy and paste in bullets the characteristics that your group has identified

Task 3 - peer assessment / feedback

Now that all groups have created their pages with the characteristics they have identified, it is time to hear what others have to say about it! 

  1. Each one of you will visit the Group pages of the other groups and place feedback at the bottom of the page.

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