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SeeSaw: An ePortfolio Space for Younger Students

Some Belgian schools of the ATS2020 project are using it as an ePortfolio space to develop and assess transversal Skills: SeeSaw. SeeSaw is a digital portfolio management system that is easy to use and allows to capture student learning in its full multimedial bandwith. Tama Trotti, K-12 teacher  describes in a blogpost on Emerging EdTech (2015) SeeSaw as a tool for "curation of student work that could be easily handled by students, accessible for parents, and alleviate storage issues with bulky notebooks". She points out how excited her students are to document and reflect their own work, and explains the benefits of peer-to-peer interaction and of parents who stay updated about their kid's learning journey via the SeeSaw ePortfolio.

The licence issue should be kept in mind, however:

"Seesaw is free for teachers and parents. However, if a school would like to have a student’s portfolio move with them from year to year, there is a fee for this and you will need to contact Seesaw directly for more information. If parents would like to continue to keep their student’s portfolio there is a storage fee for that as well and parents can sign up directly with Seesaw." (Trotti 2015)

SeeSaw features look very convincing: Besides the multimedia capture of student learning and a good management interface for teachers, there are multiple ways of communicating - even with other classrooms (which can be at any school worldwide, eg. a partner school). SeeSaw Plus offers an assessment tool which looks very convenient for teachers. It has to be tested whether this tool is inline with the learner-centered approach of formative feedback, though.

I'm looking forward to try it out myself and to hear about the experience of the ATS2020 partners!