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Andrea Ghoneim
04 April 2016, 4:17 PM

Tom van den Broek commented here on Dec. 1, 2015: "I would make 1 topic of "i am following"".

I (Andrea) saw the comment only now. However, I think it is important to distinguish between "activities" (like assignment handed in for feedback) and "pages" or "people". Especially the "activities" will allow you to go through things you have to follow up with rather quicly. I am not even sure whether you suggestion can be solved technically. The only thing that will be possible: you do not need to have all these blocks of information shown on the starting page.

A last comment: to date, the starting page just shows an approach to what is being designed, the final product (still adaptable on basis yof suggestions) should be ready with the next update.

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