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Google Classroom and Mahara compared by students


IES Rosalia de Castro is a school participating in the ATS2020 pilot in Santiago the Compostela. As we had our partner meeting in Santiago, we had the chance to be welcomed in the school on Thursday, October 6, and, more than that, the students had prepared presentations for us.

Some of the presentations focused on a comparison between Mahara and Google Classroom. The positive points of Mahara were – among others – that is is responding fast and convinces by a high level of interactivity. Having said that, students would like to have better possibilities to find/compare information and to have the chance to work without connection and then to synchronize their data.

Students find Google Classrooms more intuitive to use and find it more „efficient“ because all the work is done in one place.

One of their teachers, Alberto Sacido Romero, who also coordinates ATS2020 work at IES Rosalia de Castro, is using Google Classroom since September 2014 – being one of the first users. A smaller ATS2020 group visits him later in the afternoon for a special session.

He shows us how a class is set up and how Google Classroom looks from the teacher's view. It is indeed easy to handle and rich in features in the same time. Especially the functions for searching and the way information is structured, is convincing. However: How could students make their own ePortfolio with it? The can simply showcase and contextualize their best artefacts with the Google tools Blogger and/or Google sites. The students' blog SCQinfo ( can be an example for an eProtfolio of a class. A last question form the visitors: With Blogger, you have to have your ePortfolio published right away: Don't teachers and students miss different privacy options? Alberto doesn't feel that his students have something to hide when it comes to blogging - „on the other hand, they have a lot to show“. We thank Alberto, his fellow teachers and especially the students of IES Rosalia de Castro for an inspiring visit!