2. Mahara Learning Environment

While the presentation above was not held at the Trainers' Workshop in Krems, there was the activity "Create and edit ePortfolio pages, sharing and seeking feedback". As we were a bit rushed in time during the workshop you might like to re-do the page which you started at the workshop - maybe including your feedback on the workshop...

A further page supporting workshop activities collects all the tool guides created for Mahara (and Office 365/OneNote Class Notebook) we have created for ATS2020. We are provide you with your own "institution" in which you can experiment with user roles and much more.

Kristina Hoeppner, a key-figure from the Mahara community, explains Mahara for Moodle users at the iMoot 2014. Even if you do not use Moodle, it is an interesting apporoach to see an ePortfolio platform in comparison to a Learning Management System (LMS).

Andrea Ghoneim blogs about "Getting Started with Mahara". She offers a range of commented links and hints to best practice examples as well as Online-Tutorials.

A series of tutorials for ATS2020 trainers is provided via the page "ATS2020 User Support - Guides for Tools".

The Mahara user manual provided by the Mahara community is an extensive compendium about all features in Mahara.

Forecast - Mahara Development for ATS2020 (added 2015-11-25, adapted 2016-04-27): As some trainers already commented that they would like to see the look and feel of Mahara changed: Please find below a draft for a new starting page for Mahara for ATS2020. You can also customize pages yourself for your school/institution, which enables you to create your own starting page.