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ATS2020 Resources Portal

The ATS2020 Resources Portal does not only help Project Partners to share their resources, it is also open to teachers, students, parents who are interested in learner-centered, assessment-based learning. The Portal which was opened at, contains guides for the project's main learning environments, Mahara and Office 365/OneNote Class Notebook. It also offers some resources on assessment with ePortfolios - including a MOOC. A very valuable pool within the Portal is the collection of Learning Designs which can be browsed by subject or filtered, focusing on the transversal skills which are in the Focus of ATS2020: Information Literacy, Autonomous Learning, Creativity and Innovation, and Communication and Collaboration. The learning designs do already contain scaffolding tools for assessment - by the learner him-/herself, by Peers and by the teacher. While the selection of resources already looks impressive today, it can be expected that this ePortfolio of Assessment of Transversal Skills will grow further as the project proceeds, and stopping by at frequently will always be rewarded by new content.