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Authentic Assessment and ePortfolios

Authentic assessment can be something that prepares students for real life. I just found an example in the blog of Desire to Learn. There, Marsha Bayless, educator at a business school, shows, How Authentic Assessment Can Help Students Prepare for the Real World. She uses videos as an assignment. Subject of the video assignment can be an interview - as the students might have IRL if they apply for an internship.

Even though ATS2020 students are too young to apply for internships, there might be other scenarios in which you can imagine authentic assessments: show collaboration skills in a video of a school event a group of students has organized, demonstrate digital literacy by offering a guided tour through a webquest/search scenario done with screencasting software, podcasting a discussion and thus delivering a proof of communication skills etc.

The same tools (video, audio recording, ...) can BTW serve as tools for (peer) feedback or formative assessment - and they can easily handed over to the peer by attaching them to a short written comment. The audio and video files are in the same time artefacts which can be embedded or collected in your ePortfolio.