Collection: ATS2020: Technology and Tools for Assessment of Transversal Skills

ATS2020 Functional Specification (D. 2.1)

Tags: assessment, assessment tools, ATS2020, formative assessment

Specification for tools in the formative assessment process

Outline of this deliverable

Deliverable 2.1 is devoted to the Functional Specification of Tools for Formative Assessment.

However, there is a broad range of tools with different functions within the assessment process - from Learning Design as a scaffolding tool for assessment to platforms hosting the whole assessment process. Furthermore, work of WP1 (especially D. 1.4 ATS2020 Technology and Tools) was partly carried out parallel to the one of WP2, thus, synergies could be used for certain topics.

Finally, it proved to be more appropriate to split the deliverable into different parts which are directed to different target audiences.

We hope to have done an appropriate work - apart from the patterns of assessment that will be elaborated alongside the start of the piloting of ATS2020.

Otherwise we are of course open to re-assemble the Deliverable parts.

D.2.1 Title page


Key data

WP Lead: DUK (Danube University Krems)

Essential Partners:

  • CPI (Cyprus Pedagogical Institute Latsia, Nicosia)
  • INNOVE (Foundation of INNOVE, Tallin, Estonia
  • H2 Learning Limited, Dublin, Ireland
  • UTA (University of Tampere)

Deliverable 2.1 - structured into:

D. 2.1.1: User and Technical Requirements Report for Learning Platform, by Haris Zacharatos (CPI), Nicolas Kanaris (CPI), Anastasia Economou (CPI)

D 2.1.2: Assessment platform: A Functional Specification, by Mitja Čepič Vogrinčič (ERI) & Reet Taimsoo (Innove)

D 2.1.3: Learning Goals and Tools for Assessment, by Bernhard Ertl (DUK) & Andrea Ghoneim (DUK)

D. 2.1.4: Tools for and Functions of Assessment within ATS2020, by Anastasia Economou (CPI) e.a., edited by Andrea Ghoneim (DUK)

D. 2.1.5: Patterns of Formative Assessment for ePortfolio learning in ATS2020
               (to be drafted by DUK until November, 2016)

 The mentioned Deliverables are embedded in this ePortfolio page. If you use a mobile device, please scroll down to see them.




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D 2.1.1: User and Technical Requirements for Learning Platform

D 2.1.2: Assessment platform: A Functional Specification

D 2.1.3: Learning Goals and Tools for Assessment

D 2.1.4 Tools for and Functions of Assessment within ATS2020